Quality policy

The Extor Kft. management is committed to establishing mutually beneficial business relations reflecting satisfaction of customers. To this end, we assume obligation to adhere to and meet all relevant legislation including internal and external regulations.

The trade reputation of the Company shall allow us to obtain and maintain permanent confidence of our partners.

A permanent improvement of technical and quality parameters of our services and a permanent training offered for our staff shall provide a reliable basis for meeting customers` demands and requirements completely.


The Company management sets out and publishes specific quality-related goals on an annual basis:

For each employee working for our company, fulfilling our goals is included in their job duties. We provide all conditions it requires, check existence and use thereof on a regular basis and, to this end, we allow them:

  • to get to know practical requirements concerning their job,
  • to get to know requirements associated with their positions and tasks,
  • to have an option of professional development.


It is considered as a task of high priority for the Company management:
  • to strengthen and check quality-oriented way of thinking and work performance,
  • to provide for a regular training on quality.


Our philosophy on quality is as follows:
  • The liability of management is primary and governing in operating a quality management system,
  • Each employee is responsible for the quality of any work he/she has performed,
  • The satisfaction of our customers is an index of major importance concerning the work we have done which we wish to increase to a higher and higher level by keeping track of, measuring and permanently improving our work processes and services,
  • We make conscious of the importance of prevention, instead of detecting a trouble.


In order to enhance the efficiency of our work and the quality of our services, our company has been operating according to a quality assurance system conforming to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 since 2004. As from 2012, our environment-oriented operation has been performed according to MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005. During the introduction of a quality assurance system, we have identified and documented our internal processes including their interrelations.

Our quality assurance system keeps being upgraded. In our work, in every case, we strive for providing our customers with a complete and high level service. By fulfilling our formulated quality policy goals permanently, we can meet demands of our customers at an ever increasing level.

Since 2005, our company has been qualified as a NATO supplier because we meet all requirements that are conditions for participating in tenders called for within the framework of a Safety Investment Program of NATO. In 2007, we have been awarded ABOS 3 qualification and as a result thereof we have become an authorized qualified supplier for Paks Nuclear Power Station.