Platform Solution
1000 & 1250 kVA

The TKS-P is a turnkey system, designed for utility-scale PV megawatt power plants. It is connected to the PV array on one side, to the transfer station on the other side, and can be put into operation immediately. The TKS-P is delivered to the installation site fully equipped and tested.

The turnkey platform is engineered for maximum Return on Investment, offering reduced project engineering costs, high reliability and system efficiencies above 98 percent. The robust, outdoor ready design ensures it is suitable for harsh environments, and makes the TKS-P the preferred choice for large scale projects in North America.



The TKS-P (Turnkey Solution Platform) is a fully integrated solution that has been developed specifically for use in photovoltaic power plants.

It comprises:

  • Up to two solar central inverters
  • Skid
  • DC Circuit Breaker Cabinet
  • Switchgear
  • A medium-voltage transformer
  • Measuring and monitoring components, and
  • Data communication capabilities.



The TKS-P solution offers two design possibilities:

1: Open skid with two Protect PV outdoor inverters and communications equipment as well as an integrated outdoor MV transformer and switchgear.

2: A walk-in metal shelter contains two Protect PV indoor inverters, communications equipment and external AC disconnects. The shelter is built on a skid with an MV transformer, and switchgear.

Both solutions are available with advanced combiner boxes in the PV array field. The core units arefully integrated via communication and monitoring components to ensure smooth PV power plant operations.

The TKS-P system includes tried-and-tested high-performance central inverters from AEG Power Solutions’ Protect PV product range. These are able to reach proven peak efficiency levels of more than 98%. The maximum efficiency that the inverters offer is also accompanied by superior availability. The innovative FPGA circuit ensures flexible, precise and rapid control, while the ability to assign parameters freely and flexibly enables compatibility with all grid standards.