Container Solution
500, 1000, 1250 & 1600 kVA

A completely integrated solution: the container, which includes metering and monitoring components as well as communications infrastructure. The single source solution ensures smooth PV power plant operations, in close cooperation with the grid operator. The PV container station comprises a pair of Protect PV.250, PV.560, PV.690 or PV.880 solar inverters along with a medium-voltage transformer and switchgear.
TKS-C 1000
TKS-C 1250
TKS-C 1600


The TKS-C (Turnkey Solution Container) is a fully integrated solution that has been developed specifically for use in photovoltaic power plants.

It comprises:

  • Up to two solar central inverters,
  • Switchgear
  • A medium-voltage transformer,
  • Measuring and monitoring components, and
  • Data communication capabilities.

Partners include:

  • Consultants
  • EPC’s
  • AEG PS subsidiaries



The container is split into two areas: the inverter compartment and the medium-voltage compartment containing the switchgear and transformer. The two compartments have separate climatic conditions, which means that the waste heat from the transformer in the inverter compartment does not lead to additional losses. For this same reason, AEG PS has also developed two separate cooling circuits for the inverter cubicle; the cooling air from these is purified by filters.

The features that really make the TKS-C concrete solution stand out are not only its ability to be put into operation rapidly, but also its durability, thermal and sound insulation, and superior fire protection properties.


Straightforward installation in utility-scale projects

The TKS-C is a turnkey system. It is connected to the PV panel on one side, to the transfer station on the other side, and can be put into operation immediately. The TKS-C is also delivered to the installation site fully equipped and tested. This means that there is no need for on-site integration work – saving constructors considerable time and costs.

Efficiency, adaptability

The TKS-C system includes tried-and-tested high-performance central inverters from AEG Power Solutions’ Protect PV product range. These are able to reach proven peak efficiency levels of more than 98%. The maximum efficiency that the inverters offer is also accompanied by superior availability. The innovative FPGA circuit ensures flexible, precise and rapid control, while the ability to assign parameters freely and flexibly enables compatibility with all grid standards. Not only this, but the system also offers an unrivalled thermal operating range of -20 °C to +45 °C.

The TKS-C container solution is used in PV systems across the world and consistently proves an outstanding choice thanks to the long service life it offers in harsh environments.