Protect Blue

Data Center High Power UPS

250 – 4000 kW
Input: 3-phase
Output: 3-phase





  • Flexible power configuration from 250 kW
  • Parallel switching up to 5 Power Blocks in a single array, and a total power up to 4 MW (4 arrays of 1000 kW)
  • Developed for tomorrow’s power supply system: need- and price-oriented energy management
  • High operating security through a flexible redundancy concept
  • Highest possible typical efficiency of up to 96 % during genuine “online” operation
  • Three operating modes available: double conversion (VFI), ECO mode (VFD) and Idle mode
  • Low input THDi <3 % »Output power factor up to 1
  • Intuitive 7″ touch screen
  • Front access to all important components
  • Wall assembly possible
  • Extensive communication options
  • Highest reliability based on quality components and many years of AEG industry experience
  • Smart grid ready **
  • Bi-directional rectifier technology **
  • Unique AeBM battery management system maintains the battery

** Special Version Smart Grid Ready

  • Three level IGBT rectifier
  • Three level IGBT inverter
  • Embedded static switch
  • Embedded manual bypass switch
  • Redundant cooling fans
  • Input inrush current limitation
  • DSP control
  • Bottom cable entry


Battery management
  • IU characteristic
  • Automatic battery test
  • Frequent testing without battery capacity reduction
  • Autonomy time reduction
  • Display remaining autonomy time
  • Programmable alarm


Graphic display and alarms
  • Touch screen display
  • 800 x 480 pixel wide screen
  • 3 status LEDs
  • Audible alarm


Remote signaling card
  • Standard configuration with options for customized configuration
  • 1 x isolated input
  • 5 x isolated relay outputs



The new UPS series Protect Blue by AEG Power Solutions offers a highly efficient UPS solution for large data centers and  IT applications in power ranges up to 4 MW.

Created for the future of power supply

In times of constantly increasing energy prices, Protect Blue helps reduce the costs for operation and cooling to a great extent through high efficiency.

Protect Blue is able to feed energy back into the grid and to communicate with intelligent power supply systems. This allows for alternative energy sources (available on demand) and for future energy demands a price oriented management.

Modular architecture, flexible performance and maximum redundancy

Protect Blue is based on a 250 kW power block architecture that can be configured with parallel operation to meet high power requirements (up to 4000 kW), n+1 redundancy operation is also possible. All “Power Blocks” are equipped with decentralized control mechanisms to increase operational safety.

High efficiency during online operation

Protect Blue is transformer-less, works with the latest 3 level IGBT technology and therefore typically reaches an efficiency level of  above 95 % at a load of at least 40 %. Protect Blue combines all further advantages of this technology such as low circuit feedback <3 % and a high input power factor >0.99.




Effective cost savings

The modular architecture of AEG PS’ Protect Blue UPS allows for great advantages in terms of installation:

  • Reduce the size of electrical infrastructure
  • Reduce the size of circuit protection devices
  • Reduce the amount of cabling

AEG PS’ Protect Blue features a unitary input power factor. Together with its low harmonics, which provide full compatibility with generator sets, Protect Blue greatly contributes to reduced installation and running costs.

AEG PS’ Protect Blue delivers an up to 1 output power factor with kVA equals kW for resistive loads.

Double conversion efficiency above 95% is achieved through transformer-less topology which delivers improvement as copper heat losses are eliminated.

Running cost savings

Power module shedding

The multi-module configurable design of Protect Blue includes automatic adjustment of UPS capacity to meet immediate load demands by switching surplus module capacity to standby. This improves efficiency markedly at partial load and further reduces operating costs.

Reduction in air conditioning requirement

The extremely high efficiency achieved by AEG PS’ Protect Blue reduces the energy dissipated by the UPS (kW). This has the effect of reducing the demand and power consumption of the air conditioning system. AEG PS’ Protect Blue can deliver 100 % power at 40 °C operating ambient temperature without derating.  UPS rooms equipped with Protect Blue do not require massive cooling to manage a constant 25 °C temperature, unlike some legacy UPS systems.



Maximum savings
With its outstanding efficiency of >95 % in VFI mode and 99 % in ECO mode, Protect Blue’s design greatly reduces the total cost of ownership from installation to end of operational life.

  • Optimized power / footprint ratio
  • Reduced footprint
  • Reduced air conditioning requirements
  • Fast and safe maintenance

Delivering savings

  • Minimized cost of installation
  • Minimized cost of operation
  • Minimized air conditioning requirement
  • Highly efficient
  • Reduced generator set size and operating costs

Lifetime savings

  • Highest quality components limit thermal stress and increase overall lifetime
  • Typical operational lifetime of 15 years
  • High quality components ensure reliability and performance
  • Up to 40 °C ambient temperature operating mode without de-rating




Protect Blue Power Block 

Multi-module configuration supplies


  • Redundancy
  • Scalability
  • High availability
  • High reliability
  • N+1 configuration
  • High power configuration



Remote signaling extension

  • Up to 2 x cards, stackable, configurable
  • 2 x optical isolated inputs
  • 3 x isolated relay output

Remote signaling alarm terminal

  • Separate terminals to connect to remote signaling card


  • Battery voltage monitoring for battery block aging detection

Battery compensated charging

  • Battery charge/float charge voltage adapted to battery temperature


  • Modem, ISDN or GSM
  • Alarm management
  • RS485 PROFIBUS DP interface, CCP
  • RS485/RS232 MODBUS
  • Ethernet interface bus connection IEC61850
  • SNMP adapter
    • Embedded web server
    • Embedded email client
    • Embedded event manager
    • Direct multi server shutdown in heterogeneous networks
  • Environmental manager
  • “CompuWatch” monitoring software
  • COM server