Protect 8.33 High Power

Industrial UPS
160 – 500kVA

Input: 3-phase
Output: 3-phase

Protect 8.33, the latest new generation of our Protect UPS product range. It is designed to meet the toughest product customization requirements:

  • Specific mechanical protection degree
  • Specific input & output voltage
  • Specific battery and autonomy Time
  • Desired documentation

Benefit also from a guaranteed short lead time, extremely high electrical and mechanical robustness, high reliability and a small footprint.



  • Higher reliability, MTBF and overload capacity through oversized components
  • High and constant efficiency even at low output power
  • Redundant controls for high reliability:
    • Separate microprocessors for rectifier, inverter, static switch and communication
    • Separate, redundant power supplies for control cards.
  • Input isolation transformer
  • High short-circuit resistance
  • High EMC robustness compared to UPS Standard IEC 62040-2 by a factor of 2-to-3
  • Redundant and individually monitored fans
  • Intelligent battery management, test and status diagnostics
  • Compatible with all battery types
  • Full digital control
  • Designed to operate with diesel generators