Protec MIP

Modular Rectifier System

A modular and scalable design with hot-swappable rectifier modules assures low Mean Time to Repair, reduction in the service cost and meets changing needs and future expansion. Protect MIP is suitable for charging many types of batteries including: vented lead acid, VRLA or Ni-Cad batteries. It can also be used as a direct power supply.



220/230/240V 1-phase
380/400/415V 3-phase

DC Output:
24V 50 – 450A
48V 40 – 360A
110V 15 – 135A
220V 9 – 81A


  • Compact design and light weight
  • High power density
  • Sinusoidal input current and low harmonics to reduce installations and operating costs
  • High efficiency to reduce operating costs
  • High availability with n+1 internal redundancy
  • Low MTTR due to modular design
  • Low voltage ripple to prolong battery life time
  • Reliable operation due to advance protection (input, output, temperature, current, power) and high MTBF
  • Flexibility of scalable power
  • Control and alarm functions for remote management
  • Simplicity of use
  • Easy maintenance



The highly reliable range of DC systems is available in three configurations

  • Standard 1 – 19 inch rack mounted system with a built-in rectifier and compact set of options and alarms,
  • Standard 3 – rectifier system with up to 3 rectifier modules to increase the power and with set of basic options,
  • Configured 9 – rectifier stand alone system as a flexible DC and mixed DC & AC solution offering a large selection of options to comply with specific customer requirements.

Standard system configuration – 1 & 3 – rectifier systems Pre-configured

with a selection of the most commonly requested features built-in as standard. The systems are available “off-theshelf” with standard drawings and standard user documentation.



  • AC Input – switch, fuses, breakers
  • Input contactor with external door switch
  • DC Load – switch, fuses or breakers, including AC & DC distribution panels/cabinets
  • Inverters and converters for alternative AC and DC outputs
  • AC and DC surge arrestors

Alarms / Signalling / Measurement

  • Relay card, LED Box
  • Alarms on protection devices
  • Analog meters for AC and DC measurements
  • Remote commands via analog and digital inputs, eg boost charge, battery room fan, remote shutdown

Custom system configuration – 9 – rectifier system

The system contains a standard set of main components for the operation of the rectifiers as well as a flexible set of extended
standard and engineering options to meet the most demanding requirements. It can be configured as a DC or DC & AC solution including configuration with batteries inside
the cabinet.

System features and basic options 9 – rectifier system

  • Input voltage Single or Three phase
  • 19” sub-rack with up to 9 hot swappable rectifier modules
  • Commissioning switch to disable commissioning until manual switch operation
  • Front LCD display and keypad
  • AC power supply for GCAU control controller
  • Load and battery shunts
  • Bottom cable entry


  • EIA232, EIA485 with Profibus

Battery options

  • Battery protection – switch, fuses, breakers,
  • Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD)
  • Battery shunt for battery measurement
  • Matching battery cabinets
  • Battery temperature probe

Mechanical options

  • Protection IP42 cabinet
  • Anti-condensation heater
  • Interior light
  • Special wiring eg low smoke, halogen free
  • Special colour
  • Special markings

Additional options are available on request

 Protect MIP 3 – Specifications


Protect MIP 9 – Specifications