Power Distribution Box

Distribution and parallel board for 3 UPS systems inclusive manual bypass switch

With the compact parallel switch panel, users can set up a parallel system without needing to restructure an existing low-voltage main distribution system. Combining up to 24 separately protected, ready-made circuits in an output distribution unit built into a parallel switch panel, the PDB eliminates the need to set up a sub-distribution system.

PDB for Protect C.6000 / C.10000
PDB for Protect D. series
PDB for Protect 1. series




  • Generous wiring space, large wiring terminals
  • High-quality all-pole cam switch with overlapping contacts, plus floating auxiliary changeover contact for additional position indication
  • Prepared for integration of connection-ready sub-distribution system
  • Practical labeling, including space for user-specific additions
  • Detailed documentation, incl. installation and wiring diagram