Compact Thyristor Controlled Industrial Rectifier & Battery Charger

AEG Power Solutions rectifiers assure permanent availability of all your global industrial applications including Oil, Gas & Petrochem, Power Generation, Transportation and other Infrastructures. The mSPRe has been developed and designed to provide high reliability power supply and battery charging capability in very compact design. The product is using thyristor-controlled technology and it suitable for charging nickel-cadmium or lead acid batteries while supplying DC loads. The small compact system includes all necessary function of modern rectifier to protect the load, optimize the life time of batteries and communicate with environment.

220/230/240 V AC 1 phase

DC Output:
24 V DC; 10 A
24 V DC; 25 A
48 V DC; 15 A
60 V DC; 15 A
110 V DC; 15 A



The mSPRe product has been pre-configured with a number of the most commonly requested features built-in as standard.

  • Single system
  • Internal mains rectifier input switch Q1
  • Rectifier bridge with input isolation transformer
  • Digital control card
  • Output filter L1-C1 ripple voltage < 5 % RMS without battery
  • Rectifier F1 fuse & rectifier shunt R3
  • Tropicalized control electronics boards
  • Common fault remote alarm
  • Cabinet colour RAL 7035 with protection IP21
  • Power and control cable marking
  • Battery temperature sensor
  • Battery tray for NiCd SBLe7.5/15/30, SBM/SLM 15/30, UP1M24/30 batteries – ONLY 24mSPRe10
  • Support for lead acid batteries
  • Additional battery cabinets, mBAT1 & mBAT2 for bigger battery size
  • Bottom or top cable entry (depending on model)
  • Input/battery/output terminals
  • Standard labeling




  • Standard system configurations – cost effective, short lead time solutions
  • Compact design with built-in protection
  • Proven microprocessor-controlled thyristor technology
  • High MTBF and low MTTR
  • Digital processing and setting of all parameters
  • Monitoring of all parameters on the front panel display
  • Built-in Intelligent battery management system including temperature-compensated charge
  • Ease of installation, start-up, maintenance with front access