DC 1000 CAN

Switch Mode Converter Module

Input: 110V, 220V

Output rating from a single converter:
30 A (at 24 Vdc)
15 A (at 48 Vdc)

DC 1000 CAN with communications capability is manufactured for 220 V DC and 110 V DC. It is designed for a wide variety of applications such as supplying power to the control room in conventional  and nuclear power stations and for on board rail vehicles and ships. The DC 1000 is used to supply power to all kinds of DC loads and implement constant voltage and current sources.




  • Input voltage range – 23 % to + 30 % U in
  • Future-oriented microprocessor technology
  • Capable of communication (CAN BUS)
  • When operated with PSC 100:
  • Active current sharing
  • 4 charge characteristics
  • 1 charge characteristics is temperature-controlled
  • Low start current through intelligent switch-on management
  • Short circuit proof
  • CE-compliant