AXA 3400 Power PCA

Modular PCA

AXA Power 3400 Power PCA – the world’s only modular PCA.

ITW GSE AXA Power’s has a comprehensive knowledge of controlling and optimizing 400 Hz units. We have combined this knowledge with experts’ know-how within cooling technology. This lead to the creation of the AXA Power PCA – the market’s most innovative, smartest and environmentally friendly PCA unit for de-centralised use

The AXA Power PCA is the ONLY modular PCA on the market. You can exchange a cooling module in approx. 20 minutes and without dismounting the unit from the installation spot!

Smart advantages of the AXA Power PCA:


  • Flexible, simple and innovative design
  • Easy and time-saving maintenance due to modular design
  • Savings on installation due to low input current
  • Optimal and efficient cooling thanks to variable frequency drives
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Passenger comfort and high air quality
  • Tested in the world’s most advanced PCA climate chamber