AC 1000 CAN

Switch Mode Rectifier Module

Output rating:
25 A (at 24 Vdc)
15 A at 48 Vdc
12 A (at 60 Vdc)

Designed for all industrial applications, it provides secured DC power in combination with a parallel battery, for supply of all types of DC consumers including constant voltage and current sources such as central control rooms in nuclear and non-nuclear power plants as well as on-board power supplies for rail vehicles and ships.




  • Compact 19” design
  • Optional n +1 parallel redundant systems
  • Low inrush current
  • Short circuit resistant
  • Automatic current de-rating
  • Configurable version 48 Vdc / 60 Vdc
  • Communication capable (CAN-BUS)
  • Operation with PSC 100 control unit:
  • Active current sharing
  • 4 charge characteristics
  • Temperature compensated battery charging
  • Advanced microprocessor technology