Protect PV.250/560/690/880

PV Central Inverter

Utility Scale Inverter available with 250, 560, 690 or 880 kVA
Also available with metal housing and as outdoor solution

The Protect PV solar inverter product line delivers solutions for utility-scale applications on industrial roofs and ground mount installations. Thin-film modules can be used efficiently as the Protect PV has a power stack with advanced measuring and control technology enabling input voltages of up to 1000 VDC. With an efficiency factor of 98.85% according to the European standard 50530, the Protect PV.880 well exceeds expectations for its power class. With an appropriate transformer, the central inverters can be connected to the medium voltage grid (MV, e.g. 10, 20 kV).




  • Utility scale transformer-less design
  • Up to 98,15 % conversion efficiency according to EN 50530 Norm w/o Transformer
  • DC voltages up to 1,000 Vdc
  • Designed for harsh environments
  • Communication interfaces (Modbus / Can Bus)
  • Monitoring, control, reporting and management tools
  • Optional “copain mode” – two unit operation
  • Container and outdoor application
  • Medium voltage 10, 20 kV or other, as required



The technical highlight of the inverter is its power stack PV core, designed in-house with a special control system, enabling an input DC voltage of up to 1,000 V and providing the high efficiency levels due to its optimized pulse pattern. This enables the efficient use of thin-film modules and cost-efficient overall equipment planning. The total concept is flexible and adjustable to many requirements and is applicable for almost all grid codes worldwide.



With an efficiency factor of 98.4% the Protect PV.690 well exceeds expectations for its power class. With an appropriate transformer, it can also be adapted to the medium voltage grid (e.g. 10, 20 kV).


Active earthing & copain mode

The AEG PS solution entitled “active earthing” provides for a safer application of module technologies that require electrical grounding for operation. Another option called “copain mode” is available in which two units operate as a highly efficient team (master/slave functionality).



Maximum Power Point Tracking is designed to meet the latest requirements for quick responses to dynamic weather conditions such as spontaneous cloud cover on a clear day, and reliable day/night detection (active/passive).



Monitoring and power plant integration is based on Modbus Protocol and advanced CAN BUS communication as well as via optic fiber and ethernet between the containers. This allows for cost-effective, safe and reliable remote monitoring and control of the PV plant. The monitoring and control system can be integrated into an overriding power station control technology.

Because of the open structure, future requirements of the grid operators can also be taken into account. This communication structure enables the operator to carry out continuous monitoring, failure analysis, reporting and performance statistics. Remote monitoring and remote access are available via GSM, DSL and WebPortal, for example, and programmable alarm functions via email/SMS settings.