External MBS

External manual bypass switch for maintenance with concurrent uninterruptible power supply

An optional add-on for the Protect B./B.PRO/C./C.R/D./1. and 1.M series of UPS systems, it is used to bypass a UPS (e.g. to carry out maintenance) without interrupting the supply of power to connected loads. It also features an additional setting to enable UPS testing. The switch is equipped with individually protected power connectors to supply power directly.




  • Enclosures with a coordinated visual and technical design to match different UPS services
  • High-quality can switch with leading and overlapping contacts
  • Visual indication (green/yellow/red) of operating states (MBS 6000 only)
  • Integrated power distribution unit
  • Plug-and-go design for easy installation (MBS 2000/3000)
  • Supplied complete with connection and installation kit
  • Detailed user guide in several languages