Control Module

Flexible, hot pluggable, alarm and control module for monitoring and control of stand-alone power systems for up to 31 rectifiers. Easy local parameters configuration capability (automatic discharge test, capacity meter, presence test, low voltage disconnect etc). Advanced battery management. PC monitoring software. Optional TCP/IP boards




  • Individual control of up to 12 rectifiers with extension capability
  • Automatic detection of rectifier and system faults
  • Hot-plug capability
  • Local key pad (three buttons) for local parameters configuration
  • Back lit display for monitoring (alarms and system status), control and configuration
  • Load voltage and current monitoring
  • Battery voltage and current monitoring
  • Flexible battery management: programmable temperature compensation and current limitation
  • Automatic/manual boost charge
  • Low voltage disconnect (LVD) to protect batteries against deep discharge
  • Non essential load disconnection to expand battery autonomy
  • Battery discharge test at constant current with automatic/manual initiation
  • Battery connection test with automatic/manualinitiation
  • Battery capacity meter
  • Local and remote alarm reporting with ~50 builtin alarms + 10 spare alarms (customer defined)
  • Alarm and battery tests history log files of 512 events with time stamping
  • Spare inputs for monitoring external devices
  • Spare outputs to control auxiliary devices (configurable conditions)
  • Proprietary protocol to monitor/configure the system with password protection (4 levels)
  • Win1000/Winsite Windows-compatible software
  • Remote access via optional modem
  • Remote access via optional TCP/IP gateway (SNMP, email, Web,…)
  • Alert capabilities on modem and SMS
  • Modbus/Jbus protocol
  • Equation interpreter for total customer flexibility in alarm condition definition and configuration
  • Expandable with optional extension boards (8 relays board,…)