Corporate history

Our company, EXTOR Elektronikai Kft. established in the year 2000 is a company owned in 100% by Hungarian shareholders. It deals with power supply tasks, particularly as a main profile, with the sales, servicing and project implementation of UPS units and systems.

Our main partner, AEG Power Solutions GmbH in Germany has been developing and manufacturing UPS units for more than 60 years. Our long term business relationship established with the AEG factory has reached an exclusivity basis under which we have an exclusive right to sell and service AEG power supply systems in Hungary. Since 1887, the brand AEG has meant high quality and reliability. Before leaving the factory, each unit undergoes a series of strict quality control.

A close cooperation with AEG Power Solutions GmbH management and personnel established during the years has allowed us to meet demands of our customers at a maximum.

Our units have been delivered mainly to ensure power supply to industrial areas, various manufacturing technologies and sensible consumers, so a number of large companies from the industrial segment are a traditional partner for our company. In the course of time, due to a rapid development of IT and telecommunications we have got in contact with an increasing number of state owned and international companies where there has been a great demand on UPS systems in data centers, server parks and computer room. By meeting these demands, and providing a reliable operation of our units and establishing a reputation in trade, we have opened a new chapter in the history of our company. Owing to several decades of presence on the market and to a professional past, over 1500 high performance 3-phase UPS units supplied by us are currently in operation in Hungary. The major part of these units – within the framework of maintenance contract – are operated by our partners under a regular supervision provided by our service staff.


A brief history of AEG PS representation in Hungary:

1968                 Before the change in political regime, AEG was represented by Mercator Kft., a controlled export-import company in Hungary.

1975                 Delivery of rectifiers and inverters to TVK.

1983                 Mr. Béla Török joining AEG team in Hungary.

1991                 AEG representation was provided by AEG Hungária Kft owned in 100% by German shareholders.

1993                 Mr. László Vogronics joining the AEG team.

1997                 AEG-SVS Kft was founded (in the form of a joint venture)

2000                EXTOR Elektronikai Kft. has been founded (owned in 100% by Hungarian shareholders; László Vogronics and Béla Török).


During the period between 2013 and 2014, our company continued to strengthen its market position on the UPS market in Hungary. A number of recurring and new partners from state administration, power stations, industry, telecommunications and financial institutes have been welcome. Based upon a positive feedback from our customers, it can be stated that owing to our commitment and to our units and related services representing high quality and based on the demands of our customers we have become a major actor on the UPS market in Hungary.

Owing to all these strong features of our company, we have been awarded a number of projects of a volume of high priority (CERN@Wigner, NIIFI, ELI projects).

The financial background, resources and reserves of our company have continued to strengthen. In the year 2014, with respect to year 2012, our net revenues have been increased by 35%, surpassing the threshold of 1.1 billion HUF whereas our operating result increased by 70% for the same period.

We have performed major investments and upgrades in order to ensure satisfaction of our partners and to increase efficiency of the company operation: upgrading – in our up-to-date central building of our own property located at Budaőrs Industrial Park and accommodating all fields of our activities – for the first time in Hungary a PV + UPS unit of isolated operation put into service 1.5 years ago to 40kVA capacity; and our newly purchased devices providing an efficient support to our service activities and allowing for a more detailed measurement data recording; and a younger, extended fleet of our automobiles all have contributed our Company to line up with companies representing up-to-date Western quality.

Due to a modernization of our IT system – by introducing IPAD devices – we are able to give a prompt response – through remote access – to customers` demands sent to us.

Due to converting data and documents produced by the Technical Directorate operation so far into digital format, an updated, current and prompt accessible database is available to our colleagues.

The organizational structure of our company has been consolidated allowing us to achieve a more efficient and clear operation yielding better results under the varying market environment. The three organizational units of our company (Basic, Sales and Technical Directorates) respond to customers` demand in a close cooperation with one another, with professional cooperation as a perfect team.

The growth of our company in itself is impossible without the professional upgrade of our personnel: the highly qualified engineers working for our company regularly attend upgrade training sessions held by supplier factories. EXTOR Elektronikai Kft. has, even from the beginning, laid a great emphasise on keeping a permanent contact with its partners and keeping them informed, so it provides, all the year round an opportunity to get to know both technical and sales information through upgrade trainings and courses (trainings held in Hungary, partner meetings and visits to factories abroad). We sell, in addition to units from our major strategic partner AEG Power Solutions, also products from other UPS and battery manufacturer companies such as BORRI S.p.A., DELTA Electronics Inc., Vision UPS System s.a.r.l., ITW GSE – AXA Power, Acedis Industrial Batteries. Owing to it, we can use a possibly widest spectrum of devices to meet sensitive demands of consumers and varied UPS needs.