After sales support

Commissioning and maintenance of units from AEG are carried out by our highly qualified personnel who ensure – depending on the contract – an uninterrupted operation with an availability period of 4 hours even 24 hours a day. Their skill is upgraded at in-house upgrade training courses held on an annual basis, and due to their experience they can respond to any event in a proper and rapid way.


Service tasks offered:
  • Commissioning
  • Repairs under and beyond guarantee period
  • Supporting operation under a maintenance and service contract
  • 24/7 HOTLINE on-duty service
  • Option of remote monitoring
  • Consulting by phone, technical consultation
  • Training, providing customers with information
  • Field repairs and repairs at service shop
  • Overhauls, refurbishment
  • Battery inspection and replacement
  • Full system tests, measurements, at-load tests
  • Demolition of old units and systems, disposal thereof according to relevant environmental protection rules
  • Recycling of outdated units and systems
  • Tests


Service training:

Upon completion of installation of our units, our experts provide our customers with a training upon request. Due to it, the customer`s staff can operate UPS systems with an enhanced safety.

The training shall include the following topics:

  • Describing functional principle of UPS units
  • Presenting basic controls of units
  • Presenting the display of units, interpreting graphs and displayed figures
  • Handling the units, describing different operating modes, switching over between individual operating modes
  • Presenting basic troubleshooting procedures, interpreting and acknowledging troubles
  • Giving an answer to questions that may arise


Maintenance options include:
  • Maintenance and service contract according to support and operation requirements of the customer
  • Maintenance carried out on a monthly, quarterly and semi-annual basis
  • Guaranteed time limit for field trip to start troubleshooting on the site
  • Connection to the HOT-LINE on-duty system and upon request to the on-line remote monitoring system
  • Keeping spare parts at stock
  • Keeping permanent technical contact, providing support and upgrade training
  • Consulting on system upgrade options, firmware upgrade
  • Single-case maintenance